Three Reasons To Shop For Homeowners Insurance Immediately

Are you about to make an offer on your first home? Have you already made out a budget so that you know what percentage of your paycheck will go towards paying bills? If you're like many people, there's a good chance that you forgot or left out a particular aspect of your budget: the insurance. When you've always lived in rented accommodations, it's easy to overlook home insurance if you never had to buy it in the past. [Read More]

Buying Your First Boat? Your Boat Insurance Questions Answered

For those that enjoy being out on the water in a rented or borrowed boat, the obvious next step is to purchase a boat of your own. But becoming a boat owner does come with additional responsibilities, including learning to operate it safely and perform the maintenance tasks it will require to keep it running. In addition, first-time boat owners will also need to make sure their new toy is properly insured to protect them from loss and liability issues. [Read More]

3 Areas To Work On To Keep Your Car Insurance Rates Low

If you currently pay a lot of money for auto insurance, there are several things you can do that may help lower your rates in the future. Insurance companies base rates on many factors, and here are three areas you could work on that may help lower your rates in just a couple of years. Keep a clean driving record The first thing to work on is your driving record. Your driving record reveals how safe of a driver you are. [Read More]