Three Things To Do Before Allowing A New Love Interest To Drive Your Car

When someone gets into a new relationship, there are many times when they may want to allow their new love interest to drive their vehicle. This may not always be a good idea because the insurance company may not cover damage that might be caused if the person is involved in an accident. The guide below walks you through a few tips to use before letting a new love interest drive your vehicle.

Make Sure They Have a Valid Driver's License

Before you allow someone to drive your vehicle, you need to make sure that they have a valid driver's license. If they are pulled over while driving your vehicle without a valid license, the car could be towed and impounded in some jurisdictions. You can simply ask to see their license. If you see a red "R" anywhere on it or see that it is expired or they simply do not have one, you should not let them drive your car. The red "R" indicates that their license is restricted.

Add the Person to Your Insurance Policy as an Authorized Driver

You need to add the person to your insurance policy before letting them drive. You can often add them as an authorized driver for your car without having to pay much if any more for your policy. Adding the person as an authorized driver will ensure that the insurance company is aware that they will be driving your car from time to time and will thus provide coverage if they are involved in an accident while operating the vehicle. Even though you have insurance on the car, the company does not have to cover drivers that are not authorized on the policy. Contact your car insurance company for more information before allowing anyone to regularly drive your car.

Be Sure the Person Is a Safe Driver

Before allowing anyone to get behind the wheel of your car, you want to be sure that they are a safe driver. Ride around with them in their own car or someone else's car before you allow them to drive your vehicle. If they are not a safe driver in their own car, they more than likely will not be safe in your car.

You do not have to allow anyone to drive your car that you do not want to drive your car. If you do not feel comfortable allowing your new love interest to drive your car, you should not let them do it. Explain the situation to them, and if they really care about you, they will understand your reasons.